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These are short exercises that you can do when you finish reading a page (it is a good idea to open them in a new tab). Or, if you have finished looking at everything, you can do the cumulative exercise, linked below. Any of these exercises will take you to a Google form that you can fill out. When you submit it, you can see your answers and the correct answers (in gray) for all of the questions. You can take them as many times as you like. The page exercises are each 4 questions.

And here is a cumulative exercise, for when you have read through everything. It is 8 questions.

Now What?

Now that you are done with everything, go to a repository or back to the Manuscripts of the Muslim World project on OPenn and look at the manuscripts. See what aspects of them you can now recognize. If you need a worksheet to help you describe a manuscript, you can download my cataloging worksheet and use that as a guide.

You can also go check out the References, other SIMS Resources, look at the Glossary for more photos, or go back to the Content Pages to reread anything.

Thanks for reading.